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The Shorebird Guide

by: Michael O'Brien (Author), Richard Crossley (Author), Kevin T. Karlson (Author)

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Published: 2006-04-24

Format: Turtleback

Join the experts in birding by impression, a revolutionary approach to bird identification. Experienced birders use the most easily observed characteristics — size, structure, behavior, and general color patterns — to identify birds even before looking carefully at plumage details. Now birders at all levels can learn how to identify shorebirds quickly and simply. This guide includes more than 870 stunning color photographs, starting with a general impression of the species and progressing to more detailed images of the bird throughout its life cycle. Quiz questions in the captions will engage and challenge all birders and help them benefit from this simplified, commonsense approach to identification.

Number of Pages: 496

ISBN-10: 0618432949

ISBN-13: 978-0618432943

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Shorebirds: An Identification Guide to the Waders of the World

by: John Marchant (Author), Tony Prater (Author), Peter Hayman (Author)

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Published: 1986-08-01

Format: Hardcover

The first complete guide to the world's shorebirds, featuring all 211 species illustrated in their various plumages. The clear, accurate text describes each species in detail.

Number of Pages: 412

ISBN-10: 0395379032

ISBN-13: 978-0395379035

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Shorebird Ecology, Conservation, and Management

by: Mark A. Colwell (Author)

Publisher: University of California Press

Published: 2010-11-16

Format: Hardcover

Shorebirds are model organisms for illustrating the principles of ecology and excellent subjects for research. Their mating systems are as diverse as any avian group, their migrations push the limits of endurance, and their foraging is easily studied in the open habitats of estuaries and freshwater wetlands. This comprehensive text explores the ecology, conservation, and management of these fascinating birds. Beginning chapters examine phylogenetic relationships between shorebirds and other birds, and cover shorebird morphology, anatomy, and physiology. A section on breeding biology looks in detail at their reproductive biology. Because shorebirds spend much of their time away from breeding areas, a substantial section on non-breeding biology covers migration, foraging ecology, and social behavior. The text also covers shorebird demography, population size, and management issues related to habitat, predators, and human disturbances. Throughout, it emphasizes applying scientific knowledge to the conservation of shorebird populations, many of which are unfortunately in decline.

Number of Pages: 344

ISBN-10: 0520266404

ISBN-13: 978-0520266407

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Peterson Reference Guides: Birding by Impression: A Different Approach to Knowing and Identifying Birds

by: Kevin T. Karlson (Author), Dale Rosselet (Author)

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Published: 2015-05-05

Format: Hardcover

Birding is an extremely rewarding and fun hobby, but some situations can be frustrating or unsuccessful because of a variety of challenging viewing conditions. This guide to identifying birds offers the holistic “birding by impression” method, which not only helps with these difficult conditions, but also develops an efficient mental identification process using left- and right-brain skills. It begins with a conscious assessment of a bird’s unchanging physical characteristics, including general size, body shape, structural features (bill, legs, neck, and wings), and behavior. Using this approach, birders can quickly assess all birds and distinguish new and uncommon species from familiar ones. They can then examine more detailed field marks to fine-tune the identification. Rather than a traditional field guide, this book presents an interactive how-to approach to a more complete identification process.

Number of Pages: 304

ISBN-10: 0547195788

ISBN-13: 978-0547195780

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Red Knot: A Shorebird's Incredible Journey

by: Nancy Carol Willis (Author)

Publisher: Birdsong Books

Published: 2006-05-01

Format: Paperback for Kids 7-9

Narrated in journal entries from the point of view of a red knot—a robin-sized shore bird that migrates 20,000 miles annually, from the tip of South America to the Arctic Circle and back—this book depicts one such dramatic journey in stunningly detailed colored-pencil illustrations of the flight over the Atlantic Ocean, a landing in Delaware Bay, the northern nesting grounds, chicks feeding on hatching insects, a close call with an arctic fox, and the return home. At the heart of the story is a message about conservation: the birds stop only a few times as they travel and always in the same coastal areas where dwindling food supplies have caused a precipitous decline in their numbers over the past decade. Science concepts such as animal life cycles, climate, extinction, the food chain, and migration are introduced by information about how bird-banding and protecting the horseshoe crab—whose eggs are a principal food for red knots—can help them survive. A four-page appendix includes a map of the western hemisphere, a range and route map for migrating birds, a glossary, a timeline, and the history and conservation of red knots. This book was the first runner up in the Children's category for the 2007 Eric Hoffer Book Award.

Number of Pages: 32

ISBN-10: 0966276159

ISBN-13: 978-0966276152

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Stokes Beginner's Guide to Shorebirds

by: Donald Stokes (Author), Lillian Stokes (Author)

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Published: 2001-07-18

Format: Paperback

A pocket-size, brilliantly colorful, simple-to-use guide to shorebirds, containing dozens of full-color photographs that enable readers of all ages to identify the most common species; range maps; tips on the best times to view shorebirds, information on habitat needs, life cycle, food preferences; and much more.

Number of Pages: 144

ISBN-10: 0316816965

ISBN-13: 978-0316816960

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Shorebirds of North America: A Comprehensive Guide to All Species

by: Marc C. Minno (Author), Kevin T. Karlson (Illustrator)

Publisher: Quick Reference Publishing, Inc.

Published: 2014-10-03

Format: Pamphlet

Shorebirds of North America contains over 200 color photos of all the breeding and commonly occurring shorebird species found in North America. Species accounts show breeding and nonbreeding plumages when differences occur, as well as many immature and juvenile plumages. Some similar species are shown side by side to allow for easier ID comparison, such as the dowitchers, yellowlegs and willets. Each featured species includes a short description of their physical and plumage features, body and wingspan measurements, and preferred habitats. The status of each species, including seasonal frequency, resident or migrant occurrence, and breeding location and habitats are also noted. These guides differ from other similar products by the increased number of photos for each species, which allows readers to compare a variety of individuals on the same page. This laminated, waterproof, folding field guide is a must for anyone who wants to identify shorebirds anywhere in North America—and they fit in your back pocket when you complete your ID conclusion. You’ve tried the rest; now try the best quick reference guides for North American shorebirds.

Number of Pages: 12

ISBN-10: 193691378X

ISBN-13: 978-1936913787

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Shorebirds of the Northern Hemisphere (Helm Photographic Guides)

by: Richard Chandler (Author)

Publisher: Christopher Helm Publishers Ltd

Published: 2009-04-20

Format: Paperback

Shorebirds are a very popular group of birds among birders of all standards, though their identification is often a challenge. Covering all the species of the northern hemisphere, this new photographic guide provides all the information a birder will need at a glance. Lavishly illustrated with colour photography by the author, Shorebirds of the Northern Hemisphere focuses on specific and subspecific separation and on ageing to provide a complete identification resource.

Number of Pages: 448

ISBN-10: 1408107902

ISBN-13: 978-1408107904

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Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds: The Story of a Foodweb

by: Victoria Crenson (Author), Annie Cannon (Illustrator)

Publisher: Two Lions

Published: 2009-03-01

Format: Paperback for Kids 7-9

Each spring, hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs crawl from the bottom of Delaware Bay to lay billions of pearly green eggs on the beaches. Their salty eggs provide a feast for scavenging coastal animals, but billions more are eaten by the flocks of shorebirds that stop to rest and feed each spring after flying north from their homes in South America. In recent years the horseshoe crab population has dwindled. In turn, the number of shorebirds that fly north each year has grown smaller. Illuminated with warm, detailed watercolors, Horseshoe Crabs and Shorebirds demonstrates the delicate relationship between these animals and is an excellent resource for ecology lessons, as well as a dramatic storybook for sharing.

Number of Pages: 32

ISBN-10: 0761455523

ISBN-13: 978-0761455523

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Shorebirds: An illustrated Behavioural Ecology (2nd Revised edition)

by: Theunis Piersma (Author), Bruno Ens (Author), Leo Zwarts (Author)

Publisher: KNNV Uitgeverij

Published: 2004-01-01

Format: Hardcover

The migration, feeding and breeding of shorebirds are explained in a comprehensive but simple and visually stunning form. The core of the book is based on studies of shorebirds and other waterbirds that migrate along the East Atlantic Flyway. The emphasis is on those using the Dutch, German and Danish Wadden Sea, but examples from the rest of the world are also included.

Number of Pages: 368

ISBN-10: 9050111920

ISBN-13: 978-9050111928

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Shorebirds of North America, Europe, and Asia: A Guide to Field Identification (Princeton Field Guides)

by: Don Taylor (Author), Stephen Message (Illustrator)

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Published: 2006-03-26

Format: Paperback

Shorebirds of North America, Europe, and Asia is a quick-reference field guide to the sandpipers, plovers, stints, and other shorebirds found on these continents. The exhaustive and superbly detailed color plates show the birds at rest and in flight, and in every plumage variant likely to be encountered. Species are treated plumage by plumage alongside images of similar species they are otherwise likely to be confused with. Succinct text on pages facing the plates summarizes the key identification features of appearance, voice, and behavior. There is a color distribution map for each of the described species. This guide provides fast, easy, and reliable field identification of this challenging group of birds.

Number of Pages: 240

ISBN-10: 0691126720

ISBN-13: 978-0691126722

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