About Shorebird.org

Shorebird.org is an on-line citizen science project tracking shorebird sightings using user-submitted digital photos.

The goal of this site is to create a platform where both amateurs and professionals can share shorebird photos worldwide. Users can comment on and help identify the various species in the uploaded imagery.

While we are using the term 'citizen science' loosely, we hope that this project can eventually assist researchers crowd-source bird banding information, or, simply to demonstrate the distribution of shorebirds globally.

For birders and photographers, we hope that this site will serve as an outlet to showcase photography with others. It will also serve as a platform to aid in identification of shorebirds.

The site has been designed to be fully responsive, meaning that it will be tailored to the device you are viewing it on (mobile, desktop or otherwise).

We look forward to seeing your photos, and hope you enjoy using the site!